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Some links about me. Many of my 3D designs are free. I also post on Google+ and in another blog, oz4.us
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Preliminary expectations and design options for a prosumer, fully opensource 3D printer. Your opinion matters!

Call for feedback: designing an opensource, prosumer-grade 3D printer

(update 2017: this project is no more alive, sorry!)

We are currently designing a 3D printer for advanced, serious, or professional usage.

The main target is reliability. The price tag is secondary, but we expect it to be $3 to 5K. Would you help us with this short survey? Being open source, the preferences of the community is very valuable to us, and we think it may be a win-win strategy.

Update: as an example of a forthcoming growing list of publication, here is an automatic bed leveling and head height adjustment.

Please feel free to share the link, every opinion counts: https://jeremiefrancois.typeform.com/to/xbuY9S

Friday, October 2, 2015

"It is better for your safety that we are opaque" (Volkswagate)

"It is better for your safety that we are opaque"

I just read an article on the BBC related to Volkswagen and the "(...) argument for stopping people fiddling with those systems, because if you don't know what you are doing - or even worse do know and have malicious intent - you could create genuine safety issues."
Volkswagen in 1969 by John Muir
But are we still complete idiots?
This post not only relate to Volkswagen, but to any big company using proprietary stuff and saying it is good for you. You can replace "car" with any non-open piece of software or hardware alike. Transparency is just so hard to depreciate, especially when you are talking to your own customers.