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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Which hobbed bolt for a filament feeder? My homemade one!

Driving the filament with hobbed / knurled bolts

My quite efficient hobbed bolt :)
As all owners of 3D printers know, one item of utmost importance is the so-called "hobbed bolt", "knurled bolt" or "driving shaft". It is one necessary "vitamin" (ie. non-printable) item that is coupled to a motor and which rotation drives the filament into the hot end (check the whole setup).

Now, molten plastic still does not flow easily through our tiny nozzles (~0.4 mm), and the force to be applied is quite high. Pushing the filament manually gives a good idea, as one hand is barely enough. Since necessary value may be 15 or 20 Kg of traction, this is where problems start to arise given the small filament diameters (3 mm or even 1.75 mm).