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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tribed: a fully automatic bed leveling and tool height adjustment, with FSR and 3 Z screws

This post is the continuation of my preliminary analysis regarding bed tramming and automatic tool height adjustment. So far I never made the step to redo my bed, even though it was on my wish list for years. Now it is a reality :)

Early testing of the complete setup : starting with a properly calibrated bed,
corrupting it manually, and letting the system auto-calibrate it again.
A faster / realistic movement is here, since speed was not a concern above.

So why now? A few months ago, someone came and talked to me about his wish to design a new, open source, user-friendly printer for the prosumer market. Please check this as your opinion counts!

All in all, it was an excellent reason to realize my idea of a fully automatic bed leveling. And since the new printer will also be opensource, here is the work, design and my analysis. How nice: not only I was given the possibility, but I was asked to do so!

As said, this improvement is part of a longer effort towards a user-friendly printer, for more reliability and less manual tweaking. My Ultimaker itself may eventually be ditched one day. Huh. No, I am joking. Well.. unless the new one is really is obviously better... Damn, that's exactly what it is all about :/

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sensors and issues for automatic bed leveling and height adjustment

My printer eventually has a fully automatic and hardware bed leveling (aka tramming), and bed height (aka Z-offset). Yes, it now handles any tool height without any user action, in addition to a long-wished automatic leveling of the bed.
This is part of preliminary studies for a prosumer open-source printer, for which you are more than welcome to give your opinion! The entire bed structure was entirely revamped, as one important point in my former wish list.
Revised heated bed with automatic tramming and tool height compensation.
Since I wanted to document both the new bed but also why I wanted it this way, this first post addresses usual sensors and strategies used to deal with the bed calibration. The deal is to make a bed level and to start printing at a proper height, and there are many ways to do so, but not as conveniently as I wanted (which will be documented in a subsequent post). The second post will show more precisely what and how I did it.