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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Re-drilled the top brass quick connector

My hot end has a quick bowden connector made of brass and directly screwed in the top plate plywood (huh).

I recently had my second filament failure, located between the top and bottom plates. Two failures in 6 months still are too often for me, especially with this metric screw in the plywood (a metallic nut really should be insertedthere)...

I found some way to improve a bit though. I drilled the brass quick connector round and a bit wider. It had a hexagonal inner shape which aperture was uselessly smaller than the inner section of the bowden tube.

This way it will be less likely that a plastic blob blocks on the restricted opening when I change the filament. It also probably added useless friction on the filament, which is gone ow, as the inner bowden tube diameter is slightly smaller than the opening. On the other end of the small bowden tube, you may check also how I made it more robust.

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